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The logistics assist the firms to maintain the path of the market fluctuations and permit the owners of the business to be acquainted with the varying market demands and trends. Bearing in the mind the current demands and trend the business firms get the chance to perk up their goods and services in accordance with the expectations of the consumers.

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The need for these systems first came into play when the military had to transport their supply of arms, rations, and ammunition with them as they moved from their base to a forward position. The term logistics is from the Greek word logos, which relates to speech, rationality, reason, and the Greek word logistiki, which means financial organization and accounting. Historically, military officers with the title Logistikas were in charge of matters related to financial and supply distribution.

POS system is used by the each and every person, either directly or indirectly. Starting from beverages POS consumables POS, all of them fall under this category of efficient logistics. Thus, it becomes necessary for all the individuals to be serious about proper maintenance of the POS logistics system, thereby making sure their business would progress towards success and reach its pinnacle of success soon.

The success of any business depends upon the manner in which it is organized and performed and the business can only be organized if the required means and measures are taken to make sure all the activities are carried out in a proper and required manner for which a part from assigning the responsibility it is also imperative that a proper check is maintained on every activity of the warehouse so that in case there is any miss-on-target scenario, that can be easily be spotted and be rectified at the given spot. The Warehouse Management System in which ever company has been installed has resulted in high performance, which have resulted in reducing the overall cost and easing out the time circle in which the process is carried out as it is only when the things are properly managed they will easily tracked and put back in the service.